As a self taught artist, I began to produce paintings in the mid-1980s .

My style is between abstraction and figuration.

My favourite techniques are acrylic resin and matters on various supports.

In 1995, I was cofounder of the Art-Saint-Brice Exhibition.

Member of the famous French "Salon des Indépendants"

Since 1990, I take part in many Exhibitions and markets of Art in Paris and in whole France.

Salon of Autumn, the French Artists, the GMAC and various galleries.


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 The control of the brushstroke, the mixture of the matters, the pure artistic value of the composition and the chromatic harmony, make that its works have an evocative force with an unusual singularity. If the spectator is initially disorientated by their semi-abstraction, he is completely charmed when this work is understood.



Painter with a great control of the brushstroke, insufflating to its works a feeling of movement in a range of tone almost without mixture, solids, ordered very well, and transmitting to us all its sensitivity.